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Tradescantia zebrina Purple - Inch Plant 8"


Care Instructions:

Tradescantias are easy-to-grow, small-leaved, trailing plants with many popular names including inch plant and wandering jew. The trailing stems, which grow more than a foot long, have prominent nodes and change direction slightly at each node. In the spring and summer, clusters of small, three-petaled, white, white-and-pink, or pink flowers appear at the ends of the trailing stems.

Light: Tradescantias need bright light, with some direct sunlight every day. Given insufficient light they will lose much of their decorative leaf coloring. 
Water: Water actively growing tradescantias plentifully, as much as necessary to keep the potting mix thoroughly moist. 
Humidity: Do not subject these plants to temperatures below 50°F., they grow best in humid warmth. An ideal temperature range throughout the year is 70°-75°.

Size: 8" 

Other Common Names: Wandering Jew