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Sansevieria Robusta
Sansevieria Robusta
Sansevieria Robusta

Sansevieria Robusta


If you're looking for an indestructible houseplant, the Sansevieria is about as close as you can come with a real plant! Great for beginners, low light, and capable of handling all kinds of abuse, it also is one of the stars of the NASA study on which plants clean the air best! They are incredibly pest resistant and can tolerate almost any temperature or humidity level you'd expect in a home. Add to that their bold, sculptural shape and you've got pretty much the perfect plant for home, office, gifting, and everything in between! 

Common Names: Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law's Tongue


Water: Allow potting mix to dry out at least 50% between watering
Light: Prefers medium levels of indirect light, but can tolerate very low and quite bright light well

Be sure to check out our blog post for even more care tips, propagation methods, and historical tidbits!

Plant comes in 4" grower pot. Terracotta pot not included but available here.

Personal Side Note from Mackenna: Leland and I have left snake plants both in totally windowless bathrooms where the light is rarely turned on AND (accidentally!) in our car's trunk for a week during a 115 degree heat wave and both plants seemed to somehow thrive... They really are the best.

But don't leave them in your trunk. It really was an accident, we promise!

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