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Monstera adansonii 4"


Please note, our current batch of 4" Monstera adansonii have some burnt leaves; we have specifically photographed them with those burns so you can get an idea of the damage, rather than removing it (no touchups for us!). We've discounted them by $5, but the damage is purely cosmetic. The plants are healthy and happy and won't be negatively impacted by the burn marks! Because they are being sold as is, we will not be offering any refunds for shipped plants unless they are clearly damaged by shipping.


Light: Monstera can handle medium levels of indirect light, but will grow best with at least a few hours of bright, indirect light. 
Water: Let the potting mix dry out about half way between watering.
Humidity: The Monstera adansonii isn't super temperamental when it comes to humidity, but they will always prefer medium to high humidity. 

Pet Friendly: No