Magic Manure Potting Mix

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What's so Magical? First off, it's not really manure! Magic! Secondly, this stuff grows houseplants like crazy!  We spent years buying the best mix the hardware store had to offer—and being disappointed every time. Until we found this magic stuff! Magic Manure will not disappoint. If that's not magic, we don't know what is! We offer two sizes, the small and medium bags. The medium contains approximately 3x the soil that the small contains!


Coarse Peat Moss
Composted Peat Moss
Dolomitic +Calcitic Limestone
Organic Wetting Agent
Natural Fertilization Pellets

Small Bag:

Weight: ~12 oz

Bag Size: 6”x11”

Medium Bag:

Weight: ~ 36 oz

Bag Size: 9x13.5"