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Dumb Cane - Dieffenbachia compacta 'Camille' 4"

Care Instructions:

Light: Provide bright filtered light in spring, summer and fall. During the short-day winter months the brightest possible light, including direct sunlight is best.
Water: Water moderately, enough to make the potting mix moist but allowing the top inch of the soil to dry out between waterings. In a suitably warm position these plants continue to grow throughout the year and will need the same type of watering at all times. 
Humidity: High. Dieffenbachias need warmth and cannot tolerate temperatures below 60°F. High humidity is also essential; plants should be stood on trays of damp pebbles or misted regularly. 

Size: 4"

*Comes in a 4" Grow Pot, not the terracotta pot shown*