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Rattlesnake Plant - Calathea lancifolia 4"

Care Instructions:

Light: Calatheas prefer medium light - for example, at a tree-shaded window. Brighter light often spoils leaf coloring. 
During the active period growth water plants plentifully - as often as necessary to keep the potting mix thoroughly moist. In the rest period water moderately, enough to make the mixture moist, but allow the top half-inch of the mixture to dry out between waterings. Use lime-free water at room temperature. 
In warmer rooms high humidity is essential, and the foliage should be mist-sprayed daily. Rainwater is excellent for this, since it leaves no unsightly white lime deposit.

Size: 4"

*Comes in a 4" Grow Pot, not the terracotta pot shown.*

  • Pet Friendly