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Piep’s story began with a friendship. Which is the best way for all stories to begin, don’t you think? A lovely lady named Lisa texted her old friends, Leland and Mackenna, and asked if we knew where to find a Pilea Peperomioides, the quite aptly nicknamed Friendship Plant. Turns out, they were a bit tough to find. Which gave us a crazy idea: we love plants, we always have about a dozen or more random leaves propagating in miscellaneous containers, and we’re pretty hard working—that’s all you need to start a plant business, right?! Well that and a bunch of boring certificates and licenses…
Thus began a very wild, wonderful, plant-filled year. A year of trying all kinds of different propagation methods (ever heard of indirect somatic embryogenesis?), building our own greenhouse, learning more than we thought possible about fertilizer and sunlight and water, and having our first baby (human, not Pilea), all while managing our other business. Along the way, we fell in love with an amazing array of other houseplants, custom pots, gorgeous art, and a bunch of other fun stuff we decided we just had to sell as well. So here we are. A year and a bit later, finally ready to text Lisa again and proudly say, you can find the Friendship Plant here at PIEP (and of course, as the one who got us started on this path, she gets a lifetime supply for free).



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