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New Plant Parent Set

Welcome to Plant Parenthood, friend! We know it can be nerve wracking to start your journey into plant care, so we've put together the perfect set to get you started and teach you how to care for your new plant babies. Each set includes: 

- 3 easy to care for houseplants in 4" grow pots (all chosen by hand from our best looking beginner plants in stock)
- 3 standard terracotta pots
- 3 care cards for your plants 
- 1 medium bag Magic Manure
- 1 11" bottom watering tray (color of your choice, either black, white, or clear)
- 1 printed Plant Parenthood booklet to help you get started with all the basics

We have both a Standard and Pet Friendly Option:

The Pet Friendly Option will include only pet safe plants
The Standard Option may include pet safe or pet toxic plants

And don't forget, we're always here to answer your questions. Just email us at

Please Note:

- Plants will be our pick from the best looking beginner varieties we have in stock and cannot be specified in your order
- Plants and pots are not necessarily shipped in the same box. To keep both plants and pots as safe as possible during shipment, we package them in separate smaller boxes. We will ship your pack in the most efficient way for you full order