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Peperomia orba - Pixie Lime 4"

Care Instructions:

Light: Peperomia generally prefer at least a few hours of fairly bright but indirect light every day. Their colors will often become more dull if they're not getting enough light. One of the first signs of trouble I'll notice on a Peperomia rosso is when its leaves start changing from healthy, dark green to a paler green. 

Water: Be sure to allow at least the top 1-2" of the potting mix dry out between watering. You can even allow the potting mix to fully dry out between watering, as long as you don't leave it completely dry for more than a day or so. For me, with 4" plant that isn't root bound, that means watering every 6-8 days, but remember to go by the feeling of the potting mix and check in with your plant regularly, not a set schedule. Be sure to saturate the potting mix completely when you water. We recommend bottom watering rather than top watering to ensure you've wet the entire rootball!

Humidity: Peperomia aren't particularly sensitive to low humidity, so they're a great option if your home or office has low humidity. 

Size: 4"

*Comes in a 4" Grow Pot, not the terracotta pot shown*

Pet Friendly: Yes!