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Jungle Curators: An Interview with Kristin Visk

Leland Rowley

Posted on February 10 2018

Jungle Curators: An Interview with Kristin Visk

Kristin Visk: @plantladycoWelcome to our new blog series: Jungle Curators! We're interviewing our favorite social media plant styling gurus to get their insider tips and tricks on plants, pots, and styling. To start us out, we interviewed the lovely Kristin Visk, the woman behind @plantladyco on Instagram:

1. What is your very favorite plant currently in your home?

This is such a hard question because I love all of my babies! But to answer the question, it would have to be my philodenron brazil. He is growing like crazy and I love the way the leaves look!

Kristin and her Philodendron Brazil

2. Where is it and how have you styled it?

It is currently hanging above my bed in a basket hanger. It literally touches my head when I sit up in the morning and I just love it.

3. How did your love affair with plants begin? 

It all started with one! I kept one plant alive and felt so good about it and I would slowly add one more and then one more and so fourth and the fact that I wasn't killing them made me think I had a small knack for this 'plant life' and the rest is history!

4. Where do most of your plants live? Bedroom? Bathroom? Everywhere?

I have 40+ in my small 10x10 bedroom. I basically live in a jungle and I love it.

5. If you and your favorite plant had a song, what would it be?

Probably 'Beautiful Day' by U2 because everyday with plants in beautiful!

6. How do you pair the perfect pot with a plant?

I have fun with this area. I don't try to be matchy matchy and just get something I see that I like and bring it home and stick whatever plant I have available in the new pot and it always works!

7. What are your favorite plant styling tips?

Be different! Have fun with the styling. I find treasures in stores that most people would use for other things and I use them for my plants!

8. How do you recommend new plant lovers start using plants in their home decor?

Start small! Get some of the easier plants that are hard to kill and see how you do with them before you get ahead of yourself!

9. Have you made any new friendships through your plant collection?

YES! I think that is the best part about it! The plant community is amazing! There are stores where I go back and they remember me so we have established that relationship and it's been the best in the world of Instagram. I love all my new plant friends I have met, I have been very lucky!

10. What plant are you dying to find for your collection right now?

I really want a 'birds of paradise!' I just love the size and vibe it gives off! Anytime I see of photo of one I just have to have it!


Thanks so much, Kristin, for being our first official Jungle Curator!

xx - The Piep Team


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