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Jungle Curators: An Interview with Chi Yang

Leah Schar

Posted on April 19 2018

Jungle Curators: An Interview with Chi Yang

Welcome to another week of our series with some of our favorite influencers and their best styling tips. This week we got the opportunity to chat with Chi Yang, @simplychivintage, who incorporates plants with some incredibly stylish vintage pieces!

1. What is your very favorite plant currently in your home?

The monstera is my favorite. I'll call her the queen.

2. Where is it and how have you styled it?

She is currently sitting in a large brass pot on a peacock chair (her throne) in the livingroom.

 3. How did your love affair with plants first begin?

My mother! She has a strong passion for growing things and it has given her motivation to keep on going when things get tough…..hard to dwell on your life problems when you have plants that need love and attention, and when you see them thriving it makes you happy and want to continue doing what you do.

4. Where do most of your plants live? Bedroom? Bathroom? Everywhere?

Oh geeze, they're everywhere. Somedays I gotta move them so that people can actually use the house!

5. If you and your favorite plant had a song, what would it be?

Ha ha, the only thing that comes to mind is the song "Sara" by Starship. I love my monstera and can't imagine not having her.

6. How do you pair the perfect pot with a plant?

I move my plants around a lot so they are always dressed up differently, but sometimes they just fit a certain pot perfectly like my Queen Monstera and the large fancy brass planter. Some plants just have personality and a lot of character and you just know when you've found the right home.

7. What are your favorite plant styling tricks?

I love displaying my airplants on wall baskets especially in a wall gallery!

8. How do you recommend new plant lovers start using plants in their home decor?

Start with easy to care plants. Airplants would be great! Snake plants too. You don't have to do much to them and they'll survive.

9. Have you made any friendships thru your plant collection?

Yes! I've met so many amazing, talented, and kind plant lovers on IG. When my mother got sick I wanted to surprise her with the pilea peperomioide because she loves gardening and that was the one thing that motivated her to get the time you couldn't find it anywhere, but when people found out I was trying to find her one, many of them messaged me privately to help me....and eventually I did find her one.

10. What plant are you dying to find right now for your collection?

There's always a new plant that I want, but I did just get myself the philodendron gloriosum, so my attention is all on her!


Thank you so much Chi for sharing your love of plants with us! Her happiness and passion is really contagious and we're excited to share her with you all! 

xx- The Piep Team




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