Customer Q's: When should I repot?

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When should I repot my houseplants?


The basic rule of thumb is to repot your houseplants once a year, at the beginning of the growing season, which starts in about March.

The reason you repot in March is that it gives you the whole growing season for your plant to fill out its new home.

You generally repot for two reasons:

- to provide more space for rootbound plants (by potting them into a larger pot)

- to refresh the potting mix. Fresh potting mix will have new fertilizer in it and will retain water much better.

So even if your plant hasn’t grown out of its current home, you should still repot in around March to refresh the potting mix! You can definitely repot in other months, but ideally, you’ll want it to be during the growing season so it can get plenty of light post-potting which will help it acclimate to its new home.

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