Peace Lily Care Guide

Care Basics:

We often refer to this as a great training wheels plant. While it prefers slightly moist potting mix, when it starts to dry out, it wilts dramatically to let you know when to water it, and is very forgiving, perking back up quickly after being watered. It's a great plant to help train yourself to pay attention to what your plants are saying to you and start developing a relationship with them. HOWEVER! Be careful—waiting to water until it wilts instead of keeping the soil moist can eventually (after months of doing so) cause permanent root damage. 
🪴 Common Name: Peace Lily
🔬Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum
💚 Why we love it: It's one of the best gifts for new plant parents!
☀️Light: Will tolerate low light but flowers best in bright, indirect light.
💧Watering: Keep the potting mix moist but not soggy.
☁️ Humidity: Prefers higher levels of humidity but can handle medium humidity.
🌡 Temperature: Keep it away from drafts and ideally in a temperature range of about 60-90.
🐶: Sadly the Peace Lily is not pet friendly!
🌱What Goes Wrong: If it's not flowering, it needs more light. Peace Lilies should flower continuously with enough light. If the leaves and flower droop and flop and the potting mix is dry, the plant needs water! If they're dropping and the potting mix is wet, it's likely been kept too wet. Make sure the drainage hole isn't blocked and allow the potting mix to completely dry out before watering again.


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