Lipstick Plant Care Guide

Care Basics:

💄Common Name: Lipstick Plant
🔬Scientific Name: Aeschynanthus pulcher

💚 Why we love it: It’s hardy, vines beautifully, and the flowers are amazing! They’re shaped a bit like a tube of lipstick in my opinion, though the name actually comes from the ways the leaves resemble lips.

☀️Light: needs very bright, indirect light, and can handle an hour or less of direct light a day.

💧Watering: Allow the top 1/2 of the potting mix to dry out between waterings.

☁️ Humidity: Prefers, and will flower better, in high humidity.

🌡 Temperature: Normal room temperatures (55°-80°) are fine as long as you’re keeping the humidity up!

🐱/🐶: These beauties are safe for pets!

🌱: Lipstick Plants are great for beginners and pros alike!

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