Boston Compacta Fern Care Guide

Boston Fern Care Guide

🪴Common Name: Boston Fern

🔬Scientific Name: Nephrolepis exaltata bostoniensis 'Compacta' 

💚 Why we love it: This classic beauty is what everyone pictures when they think "fern".

☀️Light: Ferns are full shade plants outdoors, but remember, low light does not mean no light! Keep these beauties out of direct light, and can handle quite low light, but they still do need some light.

💧Watering: Keep the potting mix moist, but not soggy. Make sure you have some drainage so you don't leave the roots waterlooged.

☁️ Humidity: Needs fairly high humidity to avoid browning on the edges and tips of the leaves. Try clustering it with other plants, as well as a pebble tray.

🌡 Temperature: Will do best if it's kept in temperatures over 60°.

🐱/🐶: Like all true ferns, Boston Ferns are non-toxic to pets

🌱:  Pro Tip: Avoid porous pot materials like uncoated ceramics, concrete, or terracotta that wick moisture away from the potting mix. Non porous pots make from plastic, metal, or coated ceramics, will help keep the moisture in.


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