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New Year Plant Goals

Mackenna Rowley

Posted on December 28 2018

New Year Plant Goals


Hey Plant Lovers! Are you ready for your best year of plant care yet? We are, and we're here to help you along! We'll be posting lots of tutorials and tips this year, but to get you started, here's a free printable to help you set your goals!

There's a section for things to Do, things to Learn, and Plants to Find... We've left it blank, but here are a few ideas to get you started:


- List plants you want to propagate this year
- Meet an online plant friend In Real Life
- Attend (maybe even plan!) a cuttings swap
- Share 5 cuttings with friends


- Learn the scientific names of all my plants
- Take a houseplant education workshop
- Learn how to propagate all my plants

Plants to Find:

- Pilea Peperomioides (ok, ok, yes we're a little biased...😉)
- Calathea Orbifolia
- Philodendron Pink Princess


That should get you started! And if you want a Black and White version of the printable, we've got one of those for you too! We want to see what your goals are (and maybe use a few of them to help us pick topics for our classes and IG Live tutorials!), so be sure to post a pic of your goal sheet all filled out and tagged with #piepplantgoals2019 so we can see all your great ideas!


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