How to Throw the Ultimate Plant Palentine's Party

Hey plant friends! First thing’s first: YOU ARE INVITED to ourPlant Palentine’s ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ Party!!!  We can’t wait to hang out with our amazing plant community. We will have fun activities to get to know one another, tasty refreshments, a mini Plant swap, and a great Palentine’s-inspired playlist to set the mood and you guys!  

However, if you can’t make it to our Riverside shindig, we’ve put together the ultimate Plant Palentine’s Party instructions for you (including free printables!). After all, “February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is about romance, but February 13th,Plant Palentine’s Day, is about celebratingplant friends. It should be a national holiday!” ;) We love a good Leslie Knope quote, with a minor adjustment...

There’s not much better than bonding with fellow plant friends about the joys of caring for all of our plants, the satisfaction of potting your rooted cuttings, and buying the most beautiful decorative pots for all of them. We hope this party gives you the chance to grow your own beautiful houseplant pal community, wherever you are! The best part is, since it’s a made up holiday, you really can throw your own party on any day you want!

Let’s start with some fun activities you and all of your plant pals can do together! 

Never Have I Ever:

Get ready to play a little game of “Never Have You Ever” - plant style! In your large group, pass out copies of this sheet with spaces listing common houseplant fails, experiences and lessons. There are a few listed that are probably a bit more rare, but this is what makes the game fun! Everyone grab a pen and get ready to sign off on some fun plant memories!

You’re going to go around the room for 5 minutes and get to know all of your current and new plant friends a bit better! The goal is to get your sheet signed off by different people at your party who can attest to have personally experienced or owned said houseplant claim within that 5-minute time frame.

For example, one of the boxes says “killed a succulent”, you’ll go around and ask people if they’ve killed a succulent before, and if someone says they have, ask them to sign off that box on your game chart. Continue asking around until all of your boxes are marked off! May the most social & enthusiastic plant friend win!

Favorite Things Cutting Swap:

Have everyone bring a cutting of their favorite plant and trade with each other! Now we'll all be able to go home with a new, special cutting.

You can’t host a plant party without some fun and yummy snacks & drinks! 

Menu Ideas:

First up, let’s talk about this amazing succulent cupcake recipe from Ally Bakes! She has a great blog post recipe postedhere, or you can watch hertutorial video over on YouTube.

If you’re looking to support a local Riverside business, or don’t have time to bake your own succulent cupcakes,@cakesbyrhonda has the best price for succulent cupcakes and she does great work!

If you aren’t the most crafty or talented baker, or always on the go, fear not! We’ve curated a Trader Joe’s grocery list with some of their delicious Valentine’s treats! 

  • Chocolate Mousse Cake (heart shaped & so cute!)
  • Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies
  • Raspberry Hearts Cookies
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes 
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

A great drink option for your party is this amazing agua fresca! You can’t go wrong with a pretty, pigmented drink to make your refreshments table really pop. 

Here are a few easy recipes for agua fresca:


Oh, and feel free to check out & print someplanty invites attached that we’ve created for you guys to share with all your friends.They’re cute, punny, and everything a plant lover would never be able to say no to!

We hope this has helped you plan and prep your very own Plant Palentine’s Party! Be sure to tag us in any photos and let us know how it goes! Happy Plant Palentine’s Day, friends!

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