Houseplant Myths: Misting is a cure for low humidity.

Let's bust some houseplant care myths!

The Myth:

Misting is a cure for low humidity

The Truth:

While misting is often recommended as a way to increase humidity for houseplants, it only actually increases the humidity for about 5 minutes, which isn’t even long enough for the stomata to fully open and enjoy the effects.

If your plants are struggling with low humidity, misting simply isn’t a fix (clustering lots of plants, humidity trays, and a good humidifier are the way to go). It can also often leave hard water stains on your leaves.

Obviously, we sell misters, so why do we think you should mist your plants if they’re not helping with humidity? Because it reminds you to interact with them! Plus, it’s a great time to clean the leaves  (they’re already damp, and it prevents those hard water spots!).

Regular interaction helps you catch issues like pests early, notice any watering issues, and pay more attention to your plants’ needs in general. Just remember to use other methods to cure your houseplant’s humidity woes!

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