Halloween Houseplant Costume: Plant Hunter & Jungle Couples Costume!

It's that time of year! We put together 4 tutorials for you this year, and we had some very specific criteria. Every costume had to be easy. Like super easy. Easy enough to accomplish in an hour or so with minimal supplies. Plus, every costume needed to cost $25 or less (assuming that you use mostly clothing from your closet!). So here you have them! Our best Halloween costumes for houseplant lovers! Enjoy!

Plant Hunter & Jungle Couple's Costume

Plant hunters scour the globe for new and exciting varieties, and in this couple's costume, you and your partner can dress up as both the hunter and the hunted!

a woman and man standing next to each other. the woman is wearing safari gear and looking thru binoculars at the man, who is dressed in a green shirt and jeans and draped with strings felt of tropical foliage


Felt or construction paper in various shades of green
Green twine or string


Hot Glue Gun
Sharp scissors for the felt


For the Hunter:
Khaki shirt and shorts or pants
Safari Hat
Binoculars (if you don't have any, grab these kid's ones!)
Hiking Boots

For the Jungle:

Green Shirt, Sweater, or Sweatshirt 
Pants of your choice (we went with jeans)


Step One: Cut the felt into various tropical foliage shapes, about 5"-7" long. Monstera deliciosa and adansonii are two easily identifiable ones to go with, and you can intersperse them with simpler shapes. We went with about 35 leaves, but you could do them larger so you don't have to do as many.

Step Two: Using your hot glue gun, glue the leaves to the green twine. The goal is to create a long vine you can use to drape around the Jungle half of the couple.

Step Three: Drape the Jungle half of the couple with the twine vine.

Step Four: Dress up the Hunter half of the couple in their safari gear.


And that's it! Customize your Jungle half to match your personal favorite houseplants, and make your Hunter half as elaborate as your closet will allow! 
Happy Halloween!

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