Customer Q's: What is bottom watering?

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What is bottom watering?


Bottom watering just means that instead of watering by pouring water on top of the potting mix, you let it soak up water thru the drainage holes on the bottom.
To bottom water, set the pot (make sure it has at least one drainage hole and no pebbles in the bottom!) in a container of water, like a bowl or even a sink or tub. Let it sit while the potting mix wicks up water until it’s fully saturated. You know it's done when the top of the potting mix is wet. You can leave it to water overnight, but it usually only takes 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the pot and plant. If the potting mix still isn’t wet on top after an hour, it could be because the very top layer of potting mix is so aerated that there aren’t any points of connection for it to wick up to the very top. This happens often to older, plants as the potting mix ages. Just feel down the top inch or so to see if it’s wicked up to that point. If it has, you can just pour a little water on top to wet that final inch. You can check out our Bottom Watering Reel on Instagram here!


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