Customer Q's: What does it mean to "overwater"?

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What does it mean to “overwater”?


Overwatering basically just means you’re watering more frequently than a specific variety of houseplant needs.

Every time you water your houseplants, you should fully saturate the potting mix. You don’t overwater by giving too much water at one time, you overwater by watering again before the plant needs it.

Some plants need the potting mix to dry out fairly well between watering, other should only dry out the top 1/2” or so, and some should be kept moist (but not soggy!)

Overwatering leads to root rot. All roots need some amount of oxygen to stay strong. When they’re in water more than they can handle, they are weakened and the natural pathogens that are always there are able to attack and rot the roots, killing the plants.

Overwatering is the single most common issue I see our customers struggle with as they start their plant journey so just remember: saturate the potting mix every time you water and then wait to water again until the potting mix has dried out the recommended amount!


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