Bottom Watering


We're basically bottom watering junkies here at Piep, and we know it sounds weird! You've probably been top watering for most of your life, and change is hard. But trust us, this little trick is going to change your plant care regimen for good!  

What it is:

Instead of pouring water on top of the plant or potting mix, you set the pot (make sure it has a good drainage hole and no pebbles in the bottom!) in a little container of water, like a bowl or cookie sheet or even a sink or tub, and let it wick up water until it fully saturates the potting mix. You know it's done when the top of the potting mix is wet. 


Why we recommend it:

Top watering almost never fully saturates the potting mix—and that means it's not actually reaching all the roots! The water trickles down and around thru the potting mix, and starts dripping out the bottom, so you think you've given your plant a good soaking, but in reality, it's still thirsty! All plants, from succulents to Maidenhair ferns need a complete soak. The difference should be in how frequently you water, not how thoroughly. Bottom watering ensures the entire root ball is getting water. Plus, it saves a ton of water! Instead of dripping it all out the bottom, you can keep putting new plants into the same basin of water until it's all used up!

pot in a tray of water

To summarize: It keeps your plants healthier, it's easy, and it saves water! Win Win Win! Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments!

xoxo - The Piep Team

Comments (4 Responses)

26 January, 2021

Kathy Sadanala

Can this be done if the plants are in terracotta pots?

26 January, 2021


I am a certified plant killer. :( I love them but they always seem to die on me!! :( This is the perfect trick. So far so good with all my new plant babies. Thank you for the advice!!

31 May, 2018

Per Egil

I’m wondering what kind of pots you are using in these pictures?

20 March, 2018


This was such an awesome tip! I’ll certainly be doing this for now on with my plant babies.
Question: Is this a good method of watering for all plant types, or is there some that should still be watered from top to bottom?

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