Top 5 Pilea Care Tips

Written By Leland Rowley - February 10 2018


Sharon Alexander
December 11 2018

Do pilea pepermioides babies come up from the root system?

December 11 2018

What about planting the offspring? That’s the main thing that got me to buy it in the first place, the promise of MORE! I bought my Pilea “Pass-Along Plant” at Trader Joe’s, for way more than a person should pay for a houseplant. It was so cute with several babies already started, I could not resist. The packaging even included two mini-pots for potting up the babies, but no instructions. Are the babies actually seedlings? Or do they sprout from the root system? Any additional info would be very much appreciated. Thanks for the article, which was very helpful, as I’d never seen or heard of Pilea before I saw them at Trader Joes.

December 11 2018

Hi! Lovely post. New pilea parent here. After reading this I think I overwatered my baby and now the stem and the leaves that are growing on top are coming out penny-colored. What can I do to salvage my new plant? Just let it dry out or repot?

Michael Horton
December 11 2018

This is my new favorite plant, I have 3 new pups from one plant should I put the pups in water or potting mix?

December 11 2018

I am so excited to get a Pilea Peperomioides for my growing hoard, err collection. My #summergoals sheet has “Visit PIEP Co” on it. I have a question regarding bottom watering. I have always ran water through until it comes out of the bottom holes, gravity does this. When you bottom water, will the top of the soil be moist or wet when finished? Is there an estimate of time to let sit in the water, so as not create root rot?
Thank you so much!

December 11 2018

Just wondering if you can answer a pilea question my leaves on my pilea are starting to turn down wards ? Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong ?
Worried pilea Mom 😞🤔

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